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I admit that I am not a good cook. I do enjoy it sometimes. When I do cook, I spend alot of time researching for good dinner recipes, chicken recipes, recipes for lunch, dinner ideas, or recipes for desserts. I am usually drawn down a rabbit hole of pay wall recipes that don't have the ingredient I really want to cook, Or have an ingredient that we're out of.

That is the genesis of this search app.

History and Progress

In 2018, I wrote a simple program to extract the recipe name, link, and all the ingredients each recipe requires from a few popular recipe sites. The sites were: All Recipes (, Recipe Land (, Delish ( With Delish, they have started limiting the number of recipes you can view before paying.

I have been taking the ingredients from these recipes and simplifying them. Example: 1/2 c. flour, 2 cups flour, and 1 cup flour all fall under "Flour". I am currently only 50% done with the simplification process as of 1/10/2021. This data has been sitting idle waiting for this app to be created.

I recently dusted the project off and began making this web portal. This search tool will only give you the recipe name, a link to the recipe and the ingredients in that recipe. This is sort of a recipe source search.

Soon I plan to include some of my recipe items. When I say "my recipe" I really mean recipes that I have found that work, But I had to tweak them a bit. Or recipes that I can get from family members. At this time, none of the food recipes in this search are my recipes.

I also plan to have an "easy recipes" switch. This will only show recipes with less than 5 ingredients. Or it might sort the recipes by number of ingredients.

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